One Choice. Two Opportunities

PPM is proud to offer an Advance Purchase of Discounted Gold (APDG) opportunity.? This APDG allows you to maximise the value of your purchase by locking in your price prior to any market change plus giving you additional gold at no further cost.

? Opportunity for advance purchase of 99.99% 24KT gold bullion at LBMA spot price subject to a minimum purchase of 25,000 USD.
? The gold is securely delivered to your personal account in equal amounts over a 24-month period.
? Also possible, is an effective monthly discount by receiving an additional amount of physical gold at no additional cost. This equates to 1 ounce of gold for every 100,000 USD (or fraction) purchased, securely delivered to your account over of the same time period.

? Note that storage and insurance charges are included for the term of the purchase agreement.

  • Guinea
  • Self-hedging
  • Potential capital appreciation
    Potential capital appreciation
  • Monthly Discount
    Monthly Discount
  • Monthly delivery over 24 months
    Monthly delivery over 24 months

A Simple Explanation


As an example, an investment of 100,000 USD with a purchase price of 1,500 USD/ounce,? you would receive 66.67 ounces of gold.

Note: the minimum purchase amount is 12,500 USD.


Your 100,000 USD purchase will be delivered via armored vehicle in equal amounts over a fixed 24-month period along with your monthly bonus gold.

All gold is certified 99.99% 24KT gold and comes with a certificate of purity.

Effective Discount

For every 100,000 USD purchased you receive an additional 1 Oz. of physical gold per month at no further cost.

This increases the amount of gold that you receive for the purchase price and effectively reduces the overall cost per ounce of the gold that you have purchased.

Why Purchase Physical Gold?

Gold is generally viewed as the safest and most secure asset in the world. Once the pillar of our monetary system, it is now renowned as a store of wealth and a hedge in times of economic uncertainty.

For banks, governments and major financial institutions, it is the foundation for underpinning their very existence.? And, for more and more private individuals, it is becoming an essential part of their investment portfolios, particularly as we head into more uncertain economic and political times.

  • Hedge against money printing policies
  • Increasing demand (supplier?s market)
  • Hedge against inflation and deflation
  • Maintains value
  • Portfolio diversification & protection
  • Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economic and financial turmoil

APDG ?An Opportunity to Purchase Physical Gold

In times of increasing geo-political uncertainty and volatility within the traditional asset classes, many of the world?s top economic analysts are predicting a forthcoming market correction. As a result, Central Banks across the globe are on an unprecedented gold-buying spree demonstrated by the fact that they have nearly doubled their holdings within the last 12 months.

It is a similar story for many private investors who now see the value in rebalancing their portfolios. The case for purchasing and holding in the upcoming years is obvious but faces a complex market with a myriad of opportunities: How to buy at the best price? Who to buy from? Where to store it? How to sell it?

The APDG offered by PPM now provides a simple solution to all of these questions.

A Monthly Analysis


  • To the right, we further illustrate a purchase of 100,000 USD with a LBMA Gold Market Price AM fix of 1,500 USD.
  • Remember that PPM gives a bonus equivalent to 1 ounce of gold per month for every 100,000 USD purchased
  • Gold is physically delivered and stored securely in your personal account at the secure service provider vault in Zurich.
Month % Of Purchase Returned Purchase Amount Monthly Bonus Total 99.99% 24KT Gold
1 4.17% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
2 8.33% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
3 12.50% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
4 16.67% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
5 20.83% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
6 25.00% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
7 29.17% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
8 33.33% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
9 37.50% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
10 41.67% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
11 45.83% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
12 50.00% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
13 54.17% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
14 58.33% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
15 62.50% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
16 66.67% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
17 70.83% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
18 75.00% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
19 79.17% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
20 83.33% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
21 87.50% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
22 91.67% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
23 95.83% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
24 100% 2.778 Oz. 1 Oz. 3.778 Oz.
Totals 66.672 Oz. 24 Oz. 90.672 Oz.

Detailed Journey Example

  1. A potential purchaser receives details of the PPM APDG offer.
  2. Purchaser agrees to invest under the terms of the offer (minimum 12,500 USD), completes KYC form, Purchase Order Form and submits to their PPM Agent along with copies of ID (passport/driving licence) and proof of address.
  3. The PPM Agent checks the documentation then immediately forwards everything directly to the PPM Administration Team.
  4. PPM completes KYC and ID checks in order to comply with International Anti-money Laundering Regulations.
  5. Once checks are completed, then the PPM Administration Team apply the LBMA gold market price AM fix at the time of processing, calculate the amount of gold to be purchased (including bonus amounts) and agree on the estimated delivery schedule. Full details are emailed to the purchaser for their approval.
  6. The purchaser agrees to send funds within 24 hours and provides proof of payment to PPM.
  7. Once payment is received by PPM the purchaser will be sent a receipt for the funds, and final definitive delivery schedule.
  8. In order to store the gold, PPM will facilitate the opening of a personal secure service provider account on behalf of the purchaser who will be the sole custodian.
  9. Once the account is open, all details of the account will be emailed to the purchaser.
  10. All gold delivered to the PPM vault with secure service provider will be registered monthly for 24 months against each specific purchaser under their sub-account with PPM.
  11. PPM will provide every purchaser with a monthly statement of account issued by secure service provider via email.
  12. The purchaser is free to sell their gold at any point by any means, including a buyback by PPM.
  13. Upon the 24th and final delivery of the gold, the purchaser will be notified by PPM that no further amounts are outstanding. The Purchaser can either decide to: a) hold the account for a fee, b) ask for delivery of the gold to a nominated address, c) ask PPM to sell the gold to a third party for a fee,? or d) ask PPM to buyback the gold and pay to their nominated bank account.

Delivery And Storage Of Your Gold

Secure service provider is the global industry leader in risk management and secure logistics. The company has safeguarded valuables since? 1859 and offers the utmost quality of service and sets the market standards.

On their behalf, secure service provider entrusted PPM Group Companies to transport over 30 billion USD of gold bullion out of Africa over the last 10 years and that relationship continues to blossom.

PPM will deliver your gold to secure service provider secure storage facility in Zurich, Switzerland on a monthly basis. They will arrange a sub-account to be set up on your behalf with you named as the sole custodian.

PPM will handle the entire administration process and a monthly statement will be sent directly to you by secure service provider to verify your gold holdings:

  • You are the custodian of your gold
  • Secure service provider issue a monthly account statement
  • Choose to hold or sell at any given moment
  • Your gold is fully insured whilst in the vault


For all enquiries regarding the APDG, please contact our global marketing partners,

79 Distribution Ltd

Telephone: +44 (0)207 549 3658

Email: enquiries@79distribution.com

Website : https://79distribution.com