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Who we Are

Phoenix Precious Metals (PPM) established in 2015 with a focus on trading precious metals and precious stones. In 2016, we initiated our own gold exploration, and in 2018, we began gold extraction and production. As we invested our time and funds, we saw a bigger vision: a grand opportunity to integrate the supply chain, streamline operational costs and make processes more efficient for the end-user and investor.

PPM has grown into a major stakeholder in the West African gold market as we continue to acquire mining permits. PPM now operates from 8 offices across the African continent and UAE.

PPM and MSS are both part of the Phoenix Group of companies. Our service offering ranges from Security, Aviation, Foreign Exchange, Trading, Logistics and Consulting.

PPM’s core values are centered around corporate responsibility, community well being and enforcing a responsible supply chain every step of the way.

who we are

Our Company

Based in Dubai (UAE), Phoenix Precious Metals was established in 2016 with the clear aim of creating a new West African mining company. The company started in the Gold trading business then quickly acquired mines in Guinea, Niger, Mali and Mauritania. The objective is to capture the whole supply chain and further maximise profits from source to final distribution. Due to our unique business model we have a significant competitive advantage, the company is committed to responsible corporate citizenship, its behaviour should reflect its values and concern for all stakeholders. It believes that the wellbeing of society and the natural world is crucial to the continued success of its business. The primary activity of Phoenix group is gold trading, whereby gold is sourced from various locations/countries in West Africa and exported to Dubai and India. International precious metals trading house duly incorporated and registered in Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) with all required permits for being active in physical and non-physical precious metals services products to worldwide customer base (Corporates, Financial Institutions, Private investors, Public sector). Part of a larger group already involved in security services, gold mining, sourcing and trading of precious metals, the company is headquartered in Dubai and several offices located at major bullion market locations. Based on our 15-year experience in the valuable secure logistic business, we drew on it and in a span of 3 year dating from 2015 to 2018, our well-experienced team managed to bring in over $315m in the first year and $560m for 2016 and $465m in 2017.

Management Team

Yacoub Sidya
Chief Executive Officer
Moussa Gabriel Dao
Vice President
Muhammed Aslam Sooltangos
Group Chief Finance Officer
Tony Nicotra
Regional Mining Manager
Stuart Slade
Project Manager
Azeddine Ould Daddah
VP Governement Relations & Sustainability
Lawrence Aboagye
Tech Service Manager
Erzuah Ackah
Exploration Manager
Ismael Konate
Camp Manager
Mamady Sanckon
Processing Manager
Aboubacar Diawara
OHSE Manager
Mamady Traore
Mining Manager
Paul Blaber
Senior Geologist
Issiaga Kourouma
Senior Geologist
Mohamed Diallo
Mining Geologist
Bangaly Diawara



Our Mission: Study inefficiencies in the gold trading industry; enhance each step of the supply chain by becoming the supply chain.

Our Vision: Implement efficient operations from start to finish, trackable, own-able and responsible each step of the way for our own employees, communities, end-users and investors.

Our Values: Concern for all stakeholders, especially the wellbeing of society and natural resources.



The people in the places we operate are truly the cornerstone of success. We connect with communities for reciprocal partnerships and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

PPM provides material investments for construction and on-going support of schools and hospitals; we assemble and repair infrastructure, and provide improvements to water systems.

We respect the people, and they respect us, especially when we create jobs and offer opportunities that transform lives.



At PPM, we strive to become an employer of choice. We have become a coveted workplace, attracting and retaining employees by providing honorable and safe working conditions, a competitive rewards system, and opportunities to learn new skills and grow as a professional.

Our overarching principle is to be reciprocal with our team members: hard work, honesty, dedication, and ambition are tenants that we highly recognize in our employees.


The origin of our business model began because of our keen observation; we noticed gaps in the industry?s social responsibility. We vow to ensure that our activities are zero-harm to all parties involved, especially the local communities, our employees, and the environment. Instead, our goal is to contribute to the development of local communities, deliver long-term value to our employees, and invest in environmental protection. We have been committed to steady growth since day one, and we are proud of the results.


We advocate for the livelihood of communities and economies; to achieve this goal, we focus on long-term, continual success by adhering to strict fair trade practices. Our in-house purchase and export departments ensure law-abiding processes and protocols to secure our physical gold transactions. PPM holds internal KYC and AML policies to govern how our staff operates and adheres to legislation.


Phoenix Precious Metals prides itself on supporting local communities with strict fair trade policies to assure the strength of our social responsibility. We have internal KYC and AML policies to ensure that we are operating within the limits of legislation. Our in-house purchase and export procedures ensure and secure our physical gold transactions.